Ghostwriting, which means writing custom work or writing custom work, is an increasingly popular service. The most important elements of this service are quality and trust. Our company has experienced authors from almost every scientific department who help in writing work in different languages.

Ghostwriting is a very speficious and demanding service as part of editing the texts. To maintain the quality of this service, we need experienced authors who are not only able to express themselves appropriately, but also have extensive knowledge in the selected department.


As a company specializing in brokerage, our company has an extensive resource of academic authors, enabling the client to properly delegate and guaranteeing the highest quality work. Help can be given at the very beginning, e.g. when looking for the right topic, structuring work or implementing editorial requirements. While writing a job, the dormitory can provide tutoring, fulfill a function as a teacher or carry out corrections. We also offer translations of scientific papers from almost every department.

You will receive your finished work punctually according to the set time. The works will be formatted according to standard university requirements. If the state wishes a specific formatting, we will be happy to help you. Our final price covers all costs and includes all required services by you; additional costs do not take place.

Each written work is subject to detailed control by supervisors. The labor price also includes a detailed check on the plagiarism. The control is carried out by the anti-plagiarism program and by the manual control of our expert author.

We offer you the highest quality at a reasonable price. All services offered by us are subject to detailed control by our experts. Each service is monitored by a suitable co-worker who simultaneously serves as your direct contact person.

Our offer:

  • Structuring and composition of scientific works
  • Written wording of your research results
  • Overcoming and completing academic texts
  • Optimization of your texts (Foreign language course, proofreading and anti-plagiarism program)
  • Assistance in assessing or analyzing statistical or empirical surveys
  • Help in writing texts in English or German, further languages on request
  • Assistance in the preparation of scientific or political speech
  • Preparation of qualitative texts for the optimization of websites
  • Writing texts of all kinds
  • Writing a presentation

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